Parts of a Book- Learn about the different parts of a book and how you use them.
Locating Information in a text- A couple of tricks to help you answer questions when you read!
Storyline Online- Listen to celebrities read you some of your favorite stories!
Children's Storybooks Online- Illustrated stories that you can read online. There are three different levels of stories to choose from.
Storynory- Listen to stories being read to you or read them on your own.
BAB Books- Another site with online stories. Make sure you click on the Other Resources tab at the top to find more stories.
Fable Library- Stories to read online like Sticky Burr, The Eyebrow Story, and more.
Book Adventure- Do you need some suggestions for books to read? Enter your grade level and what you like to read about and this site will give you a
list of books you might be interested in. You can also play games like Scramble-saurus, 2Bee or Nottoobee, Paint by Idioms, and more!
Wacky Web Tales- Online MadLibs!
Make Beliefs Comix- A site where you can create your own comic strips!
Reading Planet- Create your own story by following the online prompts.
Reading Comprehension- Read short passages and answer the questions. There are passages for grades 1-7.


Whootie Owl's Stories- find stories by searching by age level, topic, country, continent, or type of story.
Comic Creator- Another place to create your very own comic!
Horton's Story Maker- Create a story Dr. Seuss style!
Magnetic Letter Game- Make words using the same endings.
Make a Word- Make words by dragging the letters from the given word.
Blending Bowl- Blend words by choosing beginnings and endings.
Phonics Activities- Choose activities based on grade levels.
The Patchworker Game- Put the words in the correct order to create a sentence.
Word Works- In this game, you are given a word and you pick the correct prefix or suffix that creates a new word. Read the sentence and insert the word you created to see if it makes sense.
Prefixes- In this game you are dragging the puzzle pieces to match the prefix with its meaning. See if you can figure them out and then beat your best record.
Prefix and Suffix Activity- You'll want to click the Full Screen button before you begin playing. Create words by adding a prefix, suffix, or both and then check your word by pressing go. You'll receive an explanation of the word you created.
Rooting Out Words- Four different levels and three different categories for working with root words. Challenge yourself to be a Super Brain!
The Gardener- This game deals with narrative elements such as setting, character, and plot. Carefully read the package and answer the questions.
Stealing Home- A compare and contrast activity. Carefully read the passage and answer the questions. Remember to watch for clue words!
The Cricket in Times Square- Drawing conclusions is an important skill you can practice with this activity.


How to Babysit an Orangutan- Practice creating a summary of a story with this activity.
Nights of the Pufflings- Remember, when you summarize you need to state the important events in the story in the same order as they occur. This activity will help you practice that skill.
Amelia and Eleanor Go for a Ride-In this activity you can practice locating information in a book. Practice finding information in the table of contents, appendix, index, and more.
The Garden of Happiness- Remember that the CAUSE is WHY something happens and the EFFECT is WHAT happens. Practice that skill here.
Two Lands, One Heart- Another chance to practice comparing and contrasting.
Sarah, Plain and Tall- Sometimes, information isn't directly given to you in a story. You need to use your prior knowledge and story details to draw conclusions. Practice that skill in this activity.
The Emperor and the Kite- In this activity, you answer questions about the setting, plot, and characters.
The Kids' Invention Book- In this activity, you answer question about the main idea by using details in the story.
My Name is Maria Isabel- The plot of a story is made up of the conflict(problem) and resolution(how the problem is solved). Practice answering questions about the plot.
Look to the North: A Wolf Pup Diary- This passage will help you summarize a story.

Play Freerice and feed the hungry

Click on the banner above to help end hunger through vocabulary. Every time you get a word correct, 20 grains of rice are donated through the UN World Food Program. You can also choose other categories to work with. Play as much as you'd like and keep going until you can't anymore!