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Cool Math 4 Kids- There are math games, jigsaw puzzles, brain benders, tesselations, algebra, geometry, lemonade stand, and much more!
Count On- Unique math games such as Who Wants to be a Mathonaire, Math Fighter, Tangrams, Math Circus, Sudoku, and more. Visit Numberland, choose a number and find poetry, drawings, and facts about that number. Click on explorer to learn some origami, investigate number patterns,learn mathematical tricks, learn about breaking codes, and more!
Web Math- Having trouble with math? This site will walk you through examples that you input yourself. Just choose the topic that you are having troublewith and then follow the directions. You can even use this site to double check that you are doing your work correctly.
Cut the Knot- Explore math illusions, games, puzzles, geometry, probability, and much more!

H,I.P. Pocket Change- Would you like to learn about the coins in your pocket? Find out about coins of the present, past, and future. Play games or or visit the time machine to travel through history to solve coin mysteries! This site is is brought to you by the U.S. Mint.
Math Playground- Tons of activities, online manipulatives, and games to play! Explore this site to find something you like!
Gamequarium: Math Games- Plenty of interactive games on different topics.
FunBrain- Plenty of games including Math Baseball, Soccer Shootout, Power Football, Fresh Baked Fractions, and many more!
Online Basic Skills Games- It's never too early to prepare for ISAT, refresh your memory, or challenge yourself! Choose a topic and then choose an activity.
NUMBERNUT- Click on a topic and then find related activities to check for understanding. There is basic math, advanced math, and a glossary of math terms.


Mr. Nussbaum- This site is exploding with math games! Play Place Value Pirates, Tony's Fraction Pizza Shop, Homerun Derby Math, and many more! Games are color-coded according to grade level.
IXL Math- Click on a topic and work through online activities. The site keeps time for you and keeps track of how many questions you answered correctly.You can even see an explanation of why an answer you gave is wrong.
Kids Math Games- Tons of games listed!
Johnnie's Math Page- Choose a topic and then find an activity! Search around, you're bound to find something you like!
Savings Quest- Create a character, choose a job, and earn a paycheck! You have to budget and spend wisely. Of course, you want to save money! See if you can make your 6-month goal!

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Jungle Jim the Fisherman
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