Carousel of Verbs- Choose a subject, verb, and an ending to make a complete sentence. Click the ticket to check!
Adventure with Adjectives and Adverbs- Learn about the coral reef while reading sentences and filling in the blank. Just choose the correct word to complete the sentence.
Covered Wagon Ride- Choose the correct verb to load up the wagon with supplies!
Exploring for Possessives- Find your way through the cave by choosing the correct possessive to complete the sentence. Learn about sharks as you find your way through the cave.
Homophone Express- Help the sheep get home! Drag the correct homophone to the train to complete the sentence. Be careful! Those homophones can be tricky!

Noun Dunk- Decide if the word on the ball is a common noun, proper noun, or not a noun at all. If you are correct the robot shoots and scores!Noun Explorer- Click on the correct plural spelling or the correctly spelled abbreviation to replace the words in parenthesis. Planting Sentences- Decide if a group of words is a complete sentence, run-on sentences, or a sentence fragment. Plural Play- This is a tic-tac-toe game for two players. Take turns dragging the word to the correct plural ending. Be the first to get three in a row.Pronoun Clubhouse- Build a clubhouse by choosing the correct pronouns to replace the nouns.Pronoun State Fair- See if you can complete the sentence with the correct pronoun.

Sentence Ball- Hit the target to change the words in the sentence. Choose a subject, verb, and sentence ending.The Adjectives and Adverbs Trail- Decide if the underlined words are adjectives, adverbs, verbs, or nouns.The Sentence Trail- Spin the spinner and decide if the sentence is declarative, exclamatory, imperative, or interrogative.Verb Power- The carnival needs its lights! Decide if the underlined word is a helping verb, main verb, or contraction.Verb Ride- Build the ferris wheel by choosing the correct past tense of the given verb.Verb Tense Train- Help the animals get home by completing the sentence.Language Arts Games- Letter Fun, Working with Words, Go Grammar, Spell It, and Read It. Tons of activities under each category.